Hi my name is Graham.

I first started vaping in 2012.

Having been a smoker for over 40 years, I spent a lot of time researching this disruptive technology of vape hardware and e-liquid, trying to find that satisfactory combination.

After trying numerous e-liquids from NZ, USA and Europe I felt disillusioned with the price and experience of the so called ‘premium liquids’ available at that time, so I purchased the individual ingredients and my e-juice mixing journey began.


My first successful flavor was “Cardiff Custard”.

It took a further 6 months of research and batch testing to develop the flavor which has undeniably become one of the finest custards now available; and it is produced right here in NZ.


Curiosity has made friends from intrigued strangers. As enlightenment brings change, so too other smokers continue to find their the way to the vape. When asked for advice, I initially began by steering them towards NZ vendors and prescribing the hardware they should purchase to get started and they would ask me if they could purchase some of my sweet smelling Nekta.


The Birth of Naki Nekta mid 2013:

What started as a need to produce an experience that not only tasted great but also helped keep me off the stinkies, has now become a choice, responsible for hundreds of ex-smokers and their vaping journeys. As the months rolled by I started to develop more flavours and some of my customers would request various flavour ideas and yet another wonderful flavor would be born and added to the list.


Mid to late 2016:

Naki Nekta started moving toward web-based distribution so we are now distributing throughout NZ and exporting to overseas customers.


Also seeing the need for a no-hype / no-BS hardware supplier to our customers, we have started stocking vape hardware. Drawing from our own experience and that of many industry respected vape hardware reviewers.

We personally test all the hardware we stock thus only stocking quality reliable and sensibly priced gear, because in this rapidly growing industry, where many new items enter the market daily, products are hyped to the max by manufacturers and vendors looking to sell these poorly tested, over priced, sub-standard products. This often leads to failure of the equipment leaving the purchaser with a bad vape experience and more often than not falling back into the habit of smoking.


Our philosophy is to keep it simple and deliver correct up-to-date information, so customers begin and continue the healthier informed alternative to smoking.


December 2017 We launched our mobile Business “Vape Rescue Vehicle”

The first in New Zealand we are at present servicing the Taranaki region, delivering unrivaled service in our area. We do have plans to commission several more mobile shops throughout the country.

My son who is also a reformed smoker operates the ‘VRV’ and has awesome coil building skills as well as a massive knowledge of mods tanks and of course our Naki Nekta

We are contactable during business hours and are only too happy to organize a consultation with you to help you with your vape journey.


“Discover your flavour”

Naki Nekta