All Max VG

What this means …


There are two main ingredients in e-liquid/e-juice/vape juice/liquid we call it nekta:

They are PG “propylene glycol” and VG “Vegetable Glycerine”.


PG is a great flavour carrier but gives a strong “throat hit” and can cause digestive / stomach sensitivity and irritation.

Now VG is not as efficient at carrying flavour, but gentler on your throat/stomach and gives a denser cloud, creating a fuller mouth feel than PG.


Some people have an allergy to PG.

I personally have an allergy to PG, so it was very early on in my vaping journey that I began researching my options.

Extensive development followed and I have discovered what I call the magic combo: “using the lowest possible ratio of PG to VG”.

Implementing this into the Naki Nekta juice-line from the onset means using Max VG with more flavouring in our Nekta. The flavouring is by far the most expensive portion of making e-juice, however ultimately this method certainly enhances the whole vape experience and in the grand scheme of things, it’s worth it.


This is truly what Naki Nekta is all about –

When the experience is good and the flavour is great,

there is far less chance of going back to those stinkies.


I now find a lot of juice manufacturers globally are switching to higher levels of VG.

Even hardware manufacturers are creating pre-made coils that wick the thicker juices more efficiently.


We have always made our juice in the cleanest possible environment and in preparation for the new regulations required for the manufacture of nicotine infused juice; we are currently building an ISO facility.


Our labels are simple with all ingredients and safety messages included. We do not and will not use cartoon and child enticing images on any of our labels or marketing documents.